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V - Voice in Fiction Writing :: 'Authors' Tips - A to Z of Writing'

Here is another post under series 'Authors' Tips - A to Z of Writing', we are on to alphabet V.

What comes to the mind when we think of the term ‘Voice’.


Someone speaking? A person? Gender, age, regional identity…

Nature? Birds, wind, raindrops…

Urban? Vehicle honking, footsteps, machine running…

Tone? Musical, lilting, harsh, placid, resigned, happy…

Let’s add another dimension to this: you have to convey your voice, not by speaking or singing, not by playing an instrument, but only with words.

Words which will tinkle in the landscape of the mind instead of one’s eardrums. Words which will play on the mind of the reader as if she/he is watching a movie, stimulating the visual as well as the audio senses. The descriptions of the scene and characters, background noises so detailed that the reader stops listening to the real world and loses oneself into the make-believe world of fiction depending on a way—your distinctive way—of stringing the words together.

This is what is called the ‘Voice’ in fiction writing—a unique or signature style of an author. The author’s voice characteristics are evident in the way a person narrates a piece of writing. It is one of the most important elements and is a combination of thought-process, language mechanics and vocabulary.

The ‘Voice’ in Fiction Writing is broken down into two areas ‘Author’ and ‘Character’ voice. Although both are work of the same person, the ‘author’ voice remains the same across books and the character’s voice differs as per the gender, traits, the situation of the said character.

Author Voice
The choice of words or phrase, the structure of sentence including the punctuation define an author’s voice. The way an author eases the reader into the act is also a key factor. The author's voice is fairly consistent across all the work product the author has produced. As a result, readers are, usually, able to identify the author simply by reading a selection of their work.

For example, here is an excerpt from my novel Jugnu (The Firefly) which talks about a generic scene thereby giving a glimpse of my writing style;

As the beauty of the panoramic view weaved its spell on him, the stress and anger dissipated and were replaced by wonder at the splendid spread of nature. The evening sunrays sieved by arrays of oak trees cast mellowed shadows on the road. Zayd took off his aviators, rolled down the windows and stuck his head out. The pine-fragrant, crisp air caressed his face and ruffled his hair, finally making him forget everything.

Character Voice
This is in addition to the author’s voice. The narration carries additional aspects of a character’s traits depending on the back story, beliefs, mannerism, etc. This will differ across author’s works since every character will be unique.

Taking an example from the same novel, wherein I have a character with a unique problem, which shows unique trait of the character:
“We sewve only veg food, but you can have non-veg from Waghu’s dhaba on the Lowew Mall woad,” the boy said as if he had guessed Zayd’s chain of thoughts.
“Hot watew anytime, I bwing dinnew?”
Poor guy not only suffered from polio but couldn’t even pronounce ‘r’. “What’s your name?” Zayd asked feeling a kinship with the disabled boy. The only difference was that Zayd’s infirmities were not apparent to the naked eye.

Be sure about the rules of grammar in the language you wish to write and then don’t be afraid to break the rules. Cultivate your own distinctive style and mesmerize the readers.

Have fun and all the very best!

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Spotlight :: 'The Lost Princess' by Preethi Venugopala

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Ishaani, the newly crowned nightingale of the Indian music industry has it all: a dream career, a loving family and loyal friends. Yet, the man she has loved all her life will not warm up to her.
Rajeev, a hotshot movie director, has feelings for Ishaani. But she is his sister's best friend and has been like another sibling to him. Yet, what can he do if he feels compelled to make her his own?
Then, Ishaani's life changes overnight. She is no longer a lowly commoner but a princess.
She has to make some tough decisions to protect the man she loves.
Her choices lead them both down a path filled with shocking revelations and devastating consequences.
Will true love prevail?
Or will the many twists of fate tear them apart?

Get the book here


Talking to your best friend can be excellent therapy. But it can be a headache if you’re in love with your best friend’s brother. Ishaani was realizing it the hard way.

"I saw the screenshot you sent. I can’t believe that idiot replied with a ‘thank you’ to your WhatsApp-essay! Why are you wasting your time on that slob? I’m ashamed to call him my brother…"
Ishaani moved her mobile phone away from her ears as Rashi’s voice began to grow shriller and louder by the minute.

"Girl... don't shout. I can hear you alright. I didn’t write an essay, okay? And he might be busy." Ishaani rolled her eyes and cursed herself mentally. In her eagerness to get over her frustration, how did she forget that Rashi loved to troll her brother?

"It qualifies as an essay. It might not get an A if you submitted to Mrs Ellen. But it would definitely win a prize for the longest and cutest WhatsApp message till date."

Ishaani chuckled. After putting the phone on speaker, she placed it on her bed. Picking up a scrunchy from her dresser-drawer, she rolled up her long hair into a top bun. Their high school English teacher Mrs Ellen would have called it purple prose. But a girl had to say what she had to say. Who texted perfect literary pieces to crushes? Long winding flowery sentences with a lot of smilies and ellipses were her style. Before writing to him, she had watched Rajeev’s ZBC television interview twice. And she could be eloquent when she wanted. No wonder Rashi had called it an essay.

"You know your brother's word quota per day. I’m happy he replied this time. Usually, I have to be content with the blue tick." Her silly heart raced when blue ticks appeared on the WhatsApp-messages she sent him. How pathetic!

Ishaani lived by only one rule. She welcomed anything that put her in the vicinity of her long-time crush, Rajeev Ratnam. The elusive movie director who owned her heart. It didn’t bother her that he either ignored her or treated her like a mere acquaintance when they met in public. And when she happened to meet him at his home, he treated her like he treated Rashi. Like a kid who needed guidance at every point in her life. Yet she always rallied her spirits by focusing on what was important. She loved him. Nothing else mattered.

"Keep munching the crumbs he throws at you and he would never treat you to a proper meal."
"No worries. I will cook him a lavish dinner instead. One day soon," Ishaani said, sounding more confident than she actually felt.
"Don't waste your culinary expertise on him. Cook Mughlai biriyani this Sunday. I’m coming."
"Done. What will I get in exchange?"
"What do you want?"
"Full details about his shooting schedule." That way, she could accidentally bump into him without appearing too clingy.
"Say whaat? Not interested in the list of the handsome actors he roped in?
"Nope." Why the heck would she need a list of handsome men when she had lost her heart to ‘the most handsome one’ among the lot.
“Aren’t you interested in the list of the actresses who might throw themselves at him?"
“Not at all.”
"You know what? You’re a tragedy waiting to happen."

Ishaani snorted and bid her friend goodbye before disconnecting the call.

About the Author:
Preethi Venugopala is a civil engineer during the day and a writer and blogger in all her free hours. She has many short stories traditionally published on Juggernaut books but she opted to self-publish her novels on Amazon KDP.

Being a voracious reader, Preethi writes the kind of stories she loves to read.

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Spotlight :: 'I Am The 10th' (Book-1) by Deep Downer

Genre: Modern, historical fiction

Sarah, a happily married lady from New Delhi, India, wakes up one fine morning in an unknown place. It’s not her home, not her city; it’s not even her country. 

What is she doing there? How did she reach there? Where is her family?

Her search to all these questions takes her on a journey, a long journey that started way back in the 3rd century BC, a journey where she finds out that everything she thought she knew about her- her marriage, husband, family, home, India, even her name- was a lie. 

Will she be able to find out the truth? More importantly, will she be able to handle the truth if she finds it out?

Come and join Sarah on her journey that will take you to 300 BC and back. Witness the biggest and the deadliest battle ever in the history of mankind that could well spell the end of humanity and the end of this world. Experience the might of the ancient Shastras and Astras, like Naag Pash, Brahma Kavach, and Narayan Astra. 

Based in modern times, ‘I Am The 10th’ is the story of one of the oldest, and arguably the mightiest cults that originated in India during the 3rd century BC.

Grab Your Copy @

About the Author
D. R. Downer is a writer, author, editor, and a ghostwriter. He has penned more than 37 books so far, 16 of which have been published under his own name, with the rest being ghostwriting projects. Although he has written books in varied genres, his favourite genre is mystery and suspense and he has already published 5 books in the same.

After completing his B.E. (Mechanical) and M.B.A (Marketing), Downer started his professional journey as an Executive in the sales department of a UK based organization. Since then, he had changed over and handled many roles and responsibilities in the Marketing & Customer Service departments across industries. He finally shifted over to Advertising and spent a good 11 years in the same. Later on, he found writing was his true calling, and now he spends hours glued to his laptop and wonders if his wife can sue him for cheating on her with his laptop.

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Spotlight :: 'The Clockmaker' (Jungle Series Book1) by Paromita Goswami

Genre: Paranormal Supernatural  Indian Drama

Can you change destiny? What if you can?

Ashish, a passionate clockmaker is frustrated with his life - financial insecurity, his ongoing nightmares and his family, wife Lata and son Vicky, are driving him crazy.

Lata is having a tough time in life with her arch-rival, Rashmi. Vicky wants to be a biker than rather join the family legacy of the clockmaker. He also has a crush on Kavya who is more interested in supporting her family than romancing around.

Lately, Ashish starts hallucinating things. The black hooded man, who traumatizes him in the nightmares, warns him of dire consequences if he doesn’t return the timepiece that was given to Ashish by his father at his deathbed. Burdened with despair, Ashish wishes he could change his destiny and end all his miseries. By sheer chance, he discovers the power of the timepiece. Ashish was still figuring out what to do with it when an incident shatters his life completely. Without second thoughts he uses the power of the timepiece to change his destiny. But, can he really change it? 

Amid the chaos of the busy by-lanes of the East Delhi unfolds a paranormal, supernatural, Indian drama that will leave you thrilled.

The Jungle Series – Get ready to be assaulted!

Grab Your Copy @

About the author
Paromita Goswami is a writer and storyteller by passion and a rebel by choice. She says the world is full of stories and as a writer she loves to pen them down. Her work is not genre specific. From literary fiction to children book to paranormal thriller and women fiction, Paromita Goswami‘s books offer the variety of life to her readers. Besides writing, she is also the founder of a reading club that enhances book reading habit in children. She lives in central India with her family.

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Cover Reveal :: 'No Safe Zone' By Adite Banerjie

From the Author's desk:

Do authors love some of their own books more than others they have written?  Having been a writer for a while now, I believe that every book is special - and I have felt deeply about each of my characters. But if I were to pick that one title that has a special place in my heart, it would be No Safe Zone.

It's a romantic thriller - my first in this genre - which is set in one of my favourite places in the world: Jaipur. It features a feisty heroine Qiara Rana who is an activist and wants to change the world. The hero Kabir Shorey is to die for - an Intelligence Bureau officer who rides a mean motorbike and catches the bad guys! And these two have a history. Can Qiara forgive Kabir for betraying her? Can Kabir overcome his past and do good by Qiara?  

Writing this story was a challenge as it was an escapist romance set in a real world. I'm so so happy to bring No Safe Zone out as an e-book. But before that, I have a Cover Reveal... I hope you love the cover as much as I do. It features the beautiful and mysterious Jal Mahal (in Jaipur) which was an inspiration for my story.

London-bred activist Qiara Rana will do anything to save her mentor and their NGO, Girls Rock!, from ruin. Even if it means visiting the city she had vowed never to return to.  But within a few hours of landing in New Delhi, she is being chased by a gunman and is a potential suspect in the murder of a high profile businessman. The only person she can turn to for help is Kabir Shorey, the man who stood her up ten years ago. 

On a mission to bust an international women’s trafficking ring, Intelligence Bureau officer Kabir Shorey runs slam bang into the girl who has tormented his dreams. He is determined to protect her but can he save himself from the all-consuming passions that flare up between them all over again? 

As the past and present collide in a deadly plot of crime and greed that moves from the cosmopolitan streets of London and Delhi to the bazaars and villages of Rajasthan, old secrets are ripped away. Treading the fine lines between safety and danger, truth and lies, love and betrayal, Qiara and Kabir discover that in life there is no safe zone. 

And here comes the cover...




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