Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Cover Reveal :: 'The Indian Prince's Scandalous Bride' by Devika Fernando

From the author's desk:

Ever since I started writing royal romances, I wanted to set one of the stories in India. Now I’ve made this dream come true. “The Indian Prince’s Scandalous Bride” is the 4th book in the Romancing the Royals series, and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Here’s the cover and blurb. The book is due for release next month.


Wedding planner Ashley Davies has left England behind to organize a royal wedding in India. She’s expected a cultural shock and lots of unforgettable memories – but never in a million years would she have thought she’d fall in love. When the mysterious and irresistible Vivaan turns out to be none other than an Indian prince, it’s time for her to make a decision: risk everything for the sake of what feels like so much more than a holiday fling, or resist their forbidden attraction and save her job as well as her heart?

Prince Vivaan of Yogeshpur certainly doesn’t want to get involved in the organization of his brother’s grand wedding, but then a free-spirited and smart redhead from England captures his interest. Suddenly he finds himself eager to get to know a woman who would never receive his mother’s royal seal of approval. Should he give in to his feelings or stay away from the ‘scandalous’ wedding planner?


Have you read the other books in the series yet? The first three novels are each set in a fictitious kingdom as well as in a real country such as Maldives and Germany. They are sweet contemporary romances and can be read as stand-alones with happy endings. Click on the links to find out more. Book 1 is a free download in most countries!

The Prince’s Special Bride | The Prince’s Stubborn Bride | The Prince’s Surprise Bride

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Book Blitz :: 'Her Prince Charming' by Sundari Venkatraman

Print Length: 141 pages
Publisher: Flaming Sun (Indie published) 
Publication Date: February 9, 2019
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English
Available on Kindle Unlimited
Coming soon: PAPERBACK 
Genre: Romance

It’s instantaneous attraction when Tanuja Bhatia from Delhi meets Raj Malhotra from Bombay at the Bombay Central Station.

The mutual attraction soon blossoms into love over the next couple of meetings. 

Tanuja and her simple father fail to see the crisis brewing in their own home. Her not-so-nice stepmother Gurinder is totally against the idea of Tanuja meeting her Prince Charming which would make her step-sister Harpreet seriously envious. By the way, Harpreet’s main aim in life is to simply make her half-sister miserable. 

While Raj’s parents and Tanuja’s father try to arrange a marriage between the two with a help of a mutual friend, the evil stepmother comes up with a plan of her own—to marry her stepdaughter off to Sonu, a good-for-nothing idiot. 

Can 'Her Prince Charming' lift Tanuja out of this life of drudgery and boredom and give her the happiness she deserves?

*A prequel to The Malhotra Bride, this book is also to be launched in paperback soon

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About the Author
Sundari Venkatraman is an indie author who has 42 titles (38 books & 4 collections) to her name, all Top 100 Bestsellers on Amazon India, Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada and Amazon Australia in both romance as well as Asian Drama categories. Her latest hot romances have all been on #1 Bestseller slot in Amazon India for over a month.
Even as a kid, Sundari absolutely loved the ‘lived happily ever after’ syndrome as she grew up reading all the fairy tales she could lay her hands on, Phantom comics, Mandrake comics and the like. It was always about good triumphing over evil and a happy end. 
Soon, into her teens, Sundari switched her attention from fairy tales to Mills & Boon. While she loved reading both of these, she kept visualising what would have happened if there were similar situations happening in India; to a local hero and heroine. Her imagination took flight and she always lived in a rosy cocoon of romance over the years. 
Then came the writing – a true bolt out of the blue! And Sundari Venkatraman has never looked back.
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Friday, February 8, 2019

J - Journey of a Fiction Writer : Authors' Tips A to Z of Writing

In this post on Authors' Tips A to Z of Writing series, I am writing on alphabet J and would be talking about my Journey as a writer.

Finishing a story and getting a positive review gives an unparalleled high—a feeling very hard to describe in words. No pun intended… :) I had experienced this ecstasy from the very first flash fiction which was accepted for Femina Online reads. 

But before taking a look at my writing journey, I think it is important to look at my reading history. I have a reason to believe that what I have read has had a profound effect on my novels and stories. Reading voraciously and enjoying is also a manifestation of one’s own expression. Understanding someone else’s thoughts expressed through words is a lesson which stays with you forever. In my experience what you read, and enjoy, plays a major role in shaping, what and how you write. Reading is kind of entry criteria for writing a good story.

I have been a voracious reader since the time I can remember. It all started with Nancy Drew series and then to Mario Puzo, Frederick Forsyth, Robert Ludlum, John Grisham and many more. Now as I look back, all the foundation stones had thriller written on them. Romance came with teenage and college friends. The first romance I read was 'Reluctant Bride' by Georgette Heyer, then came 'Pride & Prejudice' and 'Gone With The Wind'. Most of the thrillers dwell on the emotional aspects and relationships of the protagonist, so romance adds that little spice to make the characters more realistic and the story more enjoyable.

All my young life I have imagined stories and enacted them in the privacy of my room, and thought dramatics is my destiny. During the college days, I was involved in dramas and stories, both on and off stage. But life has a way to entangle one in its own web of daily routines, pressures, and practicality take over the right hemisphere of the brain. 

But be assured creativity has a determination of its own and cannot be suppressed for long. It came to me again like an epiphany in 2013 that yes now is the time to give wings to my creativity. I began writing a novel, which after weeks of intense deliberation on the title came to be known as Take 2.

In the meantime, I also set up my social profile on Facebook, Twitter, website, blog etc. I began interacting with fellow writers and was writing short stories too. To test my output and gain confidence, I submitted my short stories in a couple of short stories and was declared as a winner in both. Winning the Indireads Short Story competition in Sep 2014 was a tremendous boost to my confidence and recognition on social media. The story is available as both individual short-read ‘Boomerang’ and part of the anthology ‘Old Voices And New’ on Amazon.

Coming back to the love of my life, my first novel. Every writer or storyteller needs an audience. So the next thought was how to take the book to the readers. I tried the traditional way and got rejected left, right and center. No one was willing to bet on an unknown newcomer, so I decided to publish on Amazon KDP platform.

Being an impatient person and unwilling to lose time, I got the manuscript professional edited, a cover designed, and self-published the book in Feb 2015 on Amazon KDP. The book has garnered adequate attention with readers giving positive reviews both on Amazon and Goodreads.

As one begins to write, an author wants to know what is the impact of his writing on the reader. So the next step is to find readers. If you thought coming up with a storyline and to put thoughts into words was difficult, think again. Finding readers for your story is an equally tough part.

While working on the next projects, I continued writing short stories and won the ‘Times Of India WriteIndia’ season I contest in 2015. It was an awesome experience and added motivation. The anthology ‘Write India Stories’ is now available on Amazon. 

After publishing four novels and numerous short stories, I look back at my writing journey with satisfaction. It has begun well… and will only improve…


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Spotlight :: 'Remember When' by Preethi Venugopala

Genre: Romance

On the outside, Tara leads a perfect life. A home of her own, a handsome husband, a doting son and a promising career as an author. 

But inside, she is a wreck. Her marriage is a sham and she hasn't succeeded in forgetting her one true love, Manu, the man she had wronged. The man she had almost married. 

Manu, now the senior editor with a science portal, firmly believes that he has left Tara where she belonged: in his past. But in reality, he hasn't forgotten anything. Not the love nor the hurt.

Their past and present collide when they accidentally meet in Chennai. The city has come to a standstill after facing the worst flood in a century. While nature is unleashing its fury on humans, they must make peace with their past.

Will they have the courage to do that? 
Can they fight the attraction that still burns bright?
Or will the bunch of people they are with, teach them new life lessons? 
How long can Tara hide her secret from Manu when it has the potential to tear them apart?


Tara had been looking forward to the book launch since months. Yet now, when it was happening, she was in a stupor of sorts. All thanks to the man who was sitting next to her.
She was on autopilot and not fully aware of anything that was happening around her. She did what she was supposed to do. She answered the random questions that were thrown at her both by the audience and by the moderator. She also read out from her book and signed copies for those who had bought her book.
Manu had not changed much in appearance. But his attitude towards her had undergone a sea change. The lover who cherished her presence had transformed into a stranger who made her feel unwanted.
Manu’s questions during the launch had felt personal to her.
"Why do you write romance?"
"Do you believe in true love?"
Tara didn't remember her answers. She had faced the audience when she answered them. Whenever their eyes had met, Manu’s eyes asked her a thousand questions for which she had no answers. Together with guilt, regret held her heart in an icy grip.
All through the function, she prayed for a chance to ask him for forgiveness. When he left her on the stage to allow the readers to get the books signed, Tara watched him stealthily whenever she got the chance. If he had slipped away, she might have abandoned all pretence and ran after him.
Much to her relief, he didn't leave. Maybe he wanted to talk too. He kept standing, hands in his pocket staring around as if bored by whatever was happening. Next time when she looked up, he was gesturing to Aryan to go to him. Aryan pulled at her saree, asking for permission. When she nodded a yes, he ran toward Manu, clutching his angry bird plush toy.
When Tara glanced up next, Manu who was listening to Aryan's babble, burst out laughing. The sound sent a shudder of excitement through her. She had not forgotten his laugh. The deep, hearty sound always did strange things to her heart. It had been one of the first things that had endeared him to her.

                             Find the Book at Amazon

About the Author:

Preethi Venugopala is a civil engineer during the day and a writer and blogger in all her free hours. She has many short stories traditionally published on Juggernaut books but she opted to self-publish her novels on Amazon KDP.

Being a voracious reader, Preethi writes the kind of stories she loves to read.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Book Blitz :: 'Daffodil' by Shree

Format: Kindle Edition

  • File Size: 534 KB
    Print Length: 83 pages
    Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
    Language: English
    ASIN: B07KDDS452

  • Blurb: 
    Daffodil is a story of an ordinary girl who was compelled to lead an extraordinary life right from her childhood. Contrary to the meaning of her name, the flower which blooms in the spring, Daffodil had to brave squalls and struggle in retribution. Happiness came to her life only to obliterate it mercilessly. She witnessed darkness like nobody did but she persistently followed the light at the end of the tunnel. The tempest could not wither her roots ̶ she surfed through the ebb and flow of her life with robustness and proved her life to be worthwhile. Daffodil's story is all about how she survived beyond the season of blooming amidst deaths, crimes, corruption, prison, and vengeance.

    Ranking on amazon.in 

    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars   2 customer reviews
    Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #79,652 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
    #15733 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction
    #34591 in Books > Literature & Fiction
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    About the Author

    Shree from Houston, TX, is an IT Pro turned author / poetess since 2015. Her works include short stories collection 'Secret Expressions: Two Stories', novella 'Silent Invaders', which has entered the quarter finals of Screencraft Cinematic Story (for Hollywood) Contest 2017, and Bengali poetry book 'Onuronon', released in International Kolkata Book Fair 2018. Her latest release is a novel titled 'Daffodil: Blooming Beyond the Season'. Shree is a contributing author of 'Flock-The Journey', 'Different Strokes', '50 Shades of Women' and 'Petals of Love'. Her upcoming anthology is 'Muffled Moans - Unleashed', where she has contributed two of her poems. She is a regular writer on several writing platforms, portals and magazines. She also works as a freelance writer / editor.

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