Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day Special Offer

This Valentines Day is very special for me as on this day last year my debut novel Take 2 was released. As a new entrant into the fiction writing world the year was a steep learning curve for me. Though I have learnt a lot in field of publishing but marketing (blowing your own trumpet) has been a tad difficult for me. But after listening to famous Ashwin Sanghi, who says 

'जो दिखता है,  वो बिकता है' (whatever is visible, sells), 

I have applied whatever tactics I could to make the book visible to the prospective readers.

The response has been overwhelming with my book amongst Amazon Top 100 in Asian Drama category for the past five months in three regions US, UK and India. Romance is one category where the competition is tough. The best feeling is when someone unknown leaves a positive review on Amazon or Goodreads.

So now on this first anniversary of my book's publication, Take 2 is on sale and discount for my esteemed readers. Do check out various discount offers for both eBook and paperback. Its Free for Kindle Unlimited readers.

Love is in the air, peeps!!

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