Friday, April 1, 2016

Alphabet A - Vocabulary of Generation Y2K

We are quite familiar with this word, used by most of the young people and even I am guilty of using it for anything and anyone specially on social media.

According to the Oxford dictionary the definition of ‘awesome’ is:

Extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring awe:
‘the awesome power of the atomic bomb’

informal Extremely good; excellent:
‘the band is truly awesome!’

Earlier awesome was used for something which really inspired awe and was used very rarely. But these days it is used as a common word replacing 'very nice' or 'very good'. 

In my opinion there are two reasons for this; one, it sounds quite happening (believe me, even I feel it) and secondly, it adds a flavor of encouragement and exclamation to 'very good' or 'very nice'.

Another variation which has come very recently related to ’awesome’ is

AWESOMITY  - The highest state of awesome

Now that awesome is so much in use that another level of awesome is required to express awe. :D

Combination Word


Affluential is a mix of Affluent and Influence and it used in case - Having both money and power or influence.

Some of the interesting abbreviations:

A3 - Anywhere, Any time, Any place
AAT - And Another Thing, At All Times
ABC - American Born Chinese
ABD - Already Been Done
ADED - All Day Every Day
AHEM - *Clearing Throat*
AIIC - As If I Care
AMG - Ah, My God
AML - All My Love

Hope you liked today's words... feel free to add more 'A' words used by current generation in the comment section below. I would love to hear them.

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